Convert Website Visitors Into Legal Clients

86% of prospects visit websites from multiple law firms before hiring an attorney.
With our software, you can identify & reach them before your competitors.


Note: limited licenses available

Identity Resolution

+ Targeted Outreach

= More Clients

Struggling to Convert Website Visitors to Cases?

  • Resolve the identity of your website visitors searching for an attorney.
  • Use these insights to convert anonymous traffic into powerful first-party data.
  • Own this data forever, which helps drive a higher ROI from future marketing efforts.
  • Eliminate the control of powerful traffic suppliers (eg. Google, Facebook etc.).

Advantages of Website Identity Resolution

Create look-alike targeted lists that lower your ad costs by anywhere from 25% to 75%.

Eliminate the threat of shakeups from search engines like Google by owning your data.

Ability to retarget without an opt-in across platforms like email, direct mail, text, radio and TV.

Gain control of your data to open doors that create new profit centers for your business.

Note: limited licenses available

Benefits of Working with Cloudburst Marketing

  • Private Training: We’ll show you how to activate your license and generate more traffic to your law firms website.  
  • Accurate Data: We can accurately match 50% plus of site visitors and make this available to you in an already built, $2 Million identity graph. 
  • Personal Support: You get personal access to us in a private and limited, members-only Facebook group.
  • Risk-Free GuaranteeIf you’re not blown away by the results in the first 30-days, we’ll give you your money back.  
  • FlexibilityWe don’t tie you into any long-term contracts and there are no hidden fees. You can cancel at any time.
  • First Mover AdvantageWe’re only making 17 licenses available initially so we can focus on getting incredible results for our clients.

Note: limited licenses available

Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Lucrative Cases

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Note: limited licenses available