Google Ads

76% of PPC agencies fail to produce a single conversion.

You deserve better.


Top 1% Performing Google PPC Ad Campaigns

Our Google Ad campaigns are so effective at generating leads for our attorney partners, that Google actually calls us to try and “help” us “optimize” our campaigns. And we politely decline.

See, Google wants you to spend as much money as possible. Their Google Ads platform is a $68 Billion per year business. But it doesn’t have to cost what Google says it should cost.

And this is why many law firms who have tried Google Ads say it’s a waste of money. And it’s true – if your campaign isn’t optimized, then it will cost you a ton of money.


Just look at the image below. This is a real screen shot from one of our attorney partner’s Google Ads campaign. The blurred section is a key for our competitors in regards to running ads to generate personal injury leads in Colorado.

google ads impression share

And that blue circle up at the top at 90% impression share – yep, that’s us. This is what a fully optimized campaign looks like. We capture the most impressions, the best ad rank and position, and pay the least amount of money. Google doesn’t like that, but our partners certainly do!

We help our attorney partners produce more leads, with less budget. With an optimized campaign, it actually brings down the cost to advertise because our quality score is so high.

And those competitors near the bottom of the scatter plot are actually paying more per click because their quality score is so low.

Why us?

The way we structure our Google Ad campaigns is against the grain of how Google incorrectly teaches marketers to use their platform.

By utilizing a proprietary strategy we developed in-house, we’re able to bring down the cost to advertise about 40-60% than the rest of the marketplace.

Which means when you partner with us, you get the best, most effective, automated in-bound marketing lead generation system working around the clock for your law firm, 24/7/365.

Talk to us.

We can’t give away all the juicy details here, but we can explain everything over the phone.

So if you’re serious about generating new high value cases for your firm, we would love to speak with you.

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