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Are you a lawyer? Check out our massive 21,000 word guide: The Definitive Search Engine Optimization Guide for Law Firms


Search Engine Optimization increases your keyword rankings, sales, and lead generation.

Every online experience begins at the point of a search where each consumer goes online to look for a service or good. The only way to make sure that your company can be found on these searches is by making it visible. This is what SEO does for you.

Having an SEO strategy is a given in any marketing strategy, no matter your line of business. it is what gears it on, fuels it and even helps you seal the deal. Talk a walk through our SEO services on this page. Get to understand what we offer, what SEO can do for you and just how you can fit our services into your marketing strategy.

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Defining SEO

SEO is a process that involves developing web content on your website that enables your page to rank at the top of search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

How to make SEO services work for you

There are three main pillars of SEO. These are:

  1. Site content: your website needs to contain content that is original, unique and optimized.
  2. Structure of the site and its code: your site needs to be coded in such a way that allows search engines to find it and crawl through it. Besides this, your site needs also be secure, fast and mobile-friendly.
  3. Offsite reviews and factors: your content and services need to be top-notch so as to generate 5-star reviews. It should also earn you backlinks from authoritative sites that point back to your site. These are sites like Google My Business and so on.

By employing the services of an SEO service company, you give your business a fighting chance by creating a long term lead generation engine for your website. This is through generating more traffic for your website, improving how your keywords rank on each search engine, and increasing sales through top quality leads.

What An SEO company does for you

1. Carrying out a digital analysis for your company

A good way to know how to improve on your website is by being clear where you stand in search results. A good SEO company will run an analysis of the most popular pages in your niche and rank you against them. Beyond this, we also do intensive keyword research to identify the top search phrases that are attracting website traffic and hence sales in your target market.

Once this is done, we then establish a standard structure and code for your website. This will come hand in hand with the content, off-site citations as well as local visibility. We then compare this with your competition and see how best to make you sell better among your peer sites.

2. Website code and content optimization

The first step to this is to install Google call tracking and analytics. This creates a clear picture of the demographic interested in your product or service. We then do all that is necessary to ensure that your website is fast and secure. The last thing you want is for users to leave your site because it took too long to get a response to their click.

As a precaution and indeed an asset to you, we align your web structure and code to match up to SEO best practices. This is done by editing and optimizing the content on each of your web pages to make it more creative and visible to the general user. We also optimize the conversion rate for website elements to ensure that each user has the best experience while browsing through your website.

3. Come up with new content and creatives for your website

Your website is as good as the information it holds, and how it is presented. We create new, targeted, and flawlessly written content that is designed to enable your users to have an easy browsing experience.  We also make use of SEO optimized videos and graphics that responds to digital assistants and any kind of voice search.

4. Local SEO creation and optimization

You need to know the demographic that is most attracted to your product or service. We help you do this by looking through search results that match your keywords in search engines like Yelp and Facebook as well as industry directories. We go a step further to optimize the content on all social media accounts connected to your business. We include such relevant details as your business address, contact information, service area including a map on how to find your business. When this is all set up, we then look into all possible backlink opportunities and make full use of them.

5. Report on analytics and measurements

In time, you need to know how your website is fairing. We monitor the trajectory and report on all your SEO campaigns and show clear records of resource attribution for these campaigns. This includes reports on all inquiries through phone calls, emails or direct online contact for every marketing line. To provide longevity of the SEO strategy, we monitor analytics daily in search of any issues that could damage your marketing strategy or paint your business in a bad light.

6. Tracking and improvement of your campaign

At Cloudburst Marketing, our strategy does not end at installation. We stick around and monitor its success to ensure nothing changes or goes wrong before the SEO campaign runs its full course. We, therefore, tack and monitor how your keywords rank, the traffic your site receives on a daily basis as well as the leads and calls your company receives drawn from the SEO campaign.

This data is then matched up against your top competition and we find ways to make you top the list in all search engines above them. Once this is achieved, we find ways of making sure your campaign maintains high performance throughout time.

Why You need an SEO company

You may have looked at the above and thought you can do this for yourself. True, but you will find, in time that you do not have the time to effectively monitor and optimize your website as would be needed. This is why you need an SEO company. If your company needs any or all of the following, then you are in need of an SEO company’s help:

  1. You need an online presence
  2. You want to make your website contribute to your bottom line
  3. You want to generate new leads
  4. You want your company to be found in new searches
  5. You need more sales
  6. You want your company to stand out in the online market
  7. You want your site to top in search results

Cost of hiring an SEO company

This is the one issue that keeps most companies at bay. The truth is, there is no definite figure that can be given to show how much it will cost you to acquire SEO services. This is because each business has different needs. one business may need a lot more help than another. As such, you will find that one company will spend a mere $1500 in a month while another will need to spend more than $25,000 per month. This could be because the former is a smaller company while the latter may be an enterprise with bigger needs.

Types Of SEO Services That We Offer

There are three main types:


Local SEO Services

If you own a local business, then this service will suit you. Here, we optimize your website to attract leads in your local area. We create and customize content on your website to ensure that your website tops any local search for your business niche’. This could easily turn around your business and bring you the traffic you have been aching for.


Local Franchise SEO Services

Cloudburst Marketing franchise SEO service is effective in that it will help outperform your competitors. We will package it such that it will attract new customers. The package includes:

  • Off-site optimization
  • NAP management
  • SEO Reporting

You will have a dedicated account manager for this service.


Enterprise SEO Services 

Are you being outperformed by smaller companies? We have helped a number of our clients to become an authority and increase their ranking. This is a service that suits large organizations.

Some of the key things that we will do include:

  • Auditing the structure and site code issues so as to ensure that everything checks out.
  • Providing quality content including white papers, videos and different types of content.
  • We will monitor your off-site authority so as to help with your natural backlinks.

Want effective SEO? Contact us!

Cloudburst Marketing is committed to ensuring that your page in on top of all major search engines. We are the best SEO company and we will do everything to make your SEO work for you. Our difference from our competitors is the fact that we take your business as our own.

Premium SEO Pricing

Not all SEO campaigns are created equal. Sure, you could go ahead and hire a company to do your SEO for a few hundred dollars per month but you likely won’t see any results. We price our campaigns to get you results – and fast. We don’t mess around when it comes to SEO!

How To Order

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Or call (360) 383-5559 Monday – Friday 10am-4pm PST.

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This is a great way to estimate the effect of being ranked #1 for your most profitable keywords.

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Cloudburst Marketing owner Jordan Stambaugh provides the absolutely highest quality marketing services and support for my website and everything that goes along with that, including social media, content and SEO. Cloudburst Marketing has implemented their strategies quickly and w/o any interruptions to my website and ongoing service. Also, their design recommendations have been top-notch - I now feel that our website and brand look and feel more professional and contemporary since we installed their design updates, while still in keeping with our brand integrity. I highly recommend Cloudburst Marketing!

~ Beth Sigall, Eastside Edu

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