Lead Generation Pricing

We customize our lead generation strategy to the unique goals of our clients. Every industry is different, and every market is different.

Our pricing is very simple.

Flat management fee + data license + ad spend. 

When you click to sign up for a Strategy Call with us, we uncover where you’re currently at right now, and where you’d like to get to – because they’re two different things. With this information, we build a new strategy that is focused on your business goals and a plan that makes financial sense for you.

Obviously, you’re profitable, but you want to be more profitable. We can get you there.

Picture it this way

The Cloudburst Marketing lead generation system is the employee that you pay 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year to bring you new business & profits. It’s highly efficient, targeting only people who are in-market for a purchase of what you sell (the 3% of your marketplace). It never gets tired, frustrated, or sick. It will relentlessly go out and find your business new¬†clients to grow your business month after month.

All this for about $7/hour. That’s less than most minimum wages!


Can I Start With a Trial?

Yes. We always start new partners with a 90 Day Trial. Our goal as your lead generation expert is to have you realize massive Return On Investment (ROI) within that first 90 days. The first 90 days allows us to fully roll out the lead generation campaign, get up to speed and give you time to close some new deals.

How Long is the Contract?

After the first 90 day trial period, our services are always month to month. We never lock partners into lengthy, one-sided contracts. Our results speak for themselves and we want to keep you on as a partner for a long time.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, please schedule a Discovery Call with our CEO, Jordan. He will do 2 things: uncover what you’re currently facing in your business and qualify you as a partner. It’s important that you qualify to be brought onto our platform as our processes are exclusive to our partners and cannot be sold to competitors.