Lead Generation

Don't just get leads - get booked appointments on your calendar. We'll run your ads, follow up sequence and get interested buyers filling your calendar. 


Marketing sure isn’t what it used to be. Technology has allowed us to find the needles in the haystack – those who are actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell.

But companies are still wasting a ton of money trying to market to the entire haystack hoping to find the needles.

What We Do

At Cloudburst Marketing we have over 30 proven marketing funnels guaranteed to bring you new customers and grow your business at a massive return on your investment.

What else do we need to say?

If you don’t have a robust, automated lead generation system at work for your business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year – you’re losing. You’re losing to your competitors who do. You’re losing profits to the old marketing systems you have in place now that are eating up your profits. And most importantly you and your team is losing time to the activities of generating new leads for your company instead of having a system in place to do it for you.

We Generate Leads in the following industries:

  • Chiropractic
  • Dental (Cosmetic, Implants, General, Ortho)
  • Electrical (General, Specific Need, Rewiring)
  • Funeral Services
  • House Cleaning
  • HVAC (AC, Commercial, General, Installation/Repair/Service)
  • Insurance (Final Expense, Annuities, Mortgage Protection)
  • Landscaping (Hardscaping, Sprinkler, Fence, Artificial Lawn)
  • Legal (Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Criminal, Family, Immigration)
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing (Service, Water Heaters)
  • Remodeling (Basement Waterproofing, Bathroom, Countertops, Kitchen, Windows)
  • Roofing (General, Metal, Storm Damage)
  • Water Damage (General, Mold Remediation)
  • Weight Loss (Coolsculpting, General, Medical)