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How We Get Personal Injury Attorneys The Best Possible PPC Results

We partnered with over 50 Personal Injury law firms across the U.S. managing over $3M in ad spend in order to fill their pipelines with ready-to-hire injury clients while lowering their costs by over 60% with Big Data.

Personal Injury Lead Generation Challenges

Advertising costs for personal injury lawyers has increased 5X in the last 4 years alone across all platforms. And so it is increasingly important to use today's technology and tools available to lower that Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) so that advertising ROI remains high.

The law firms that do not know their CPA across all marketing channels are shooting in the dark, hoping that they're attracting new profitable clients at a good return. More information on how to calculate your lead generation ROI.

Google Ads is a great place to generate new injury clients. However the fact is that most law firms waste their marketing budget on Google Ads PPC by spending money on search terms that don't result in a conversion. If those search terms consistently do not result in conversions then it simply does not make sense to waste budget on those clicks.

Our Work

At Cloudburst Marketing, we've compiled data from over 50 injury law firm campaigns over the course of 36 months, in major and minor markets across the U.S., analyzing $3M in ad spend and 5,181 unique search terms.

And what we've found will likely amaze you.

Our Findings - Waste Is Everywhere

ppc waste

In this sample of data of $538,054 in ad spend, 66% of the spend was a total waste. Zero conversions. Nadda. Zilch.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight”

Carly Fiorina, Former CEO - HP

Now imagine having a Perfect PI Campaign focusing only on the search terms that will actually drive conversions.

Tech Strategy

After significant research and testing, we determined that with proper strategy we can deliver to our partners "near" perfect results. Meaning, we've perfected the personal injury lead generation funnel at every step. This is how we do it:

  1. Our "perfect" keyword process and Big Data set.
  2. Proven Landing Pages (+15.44% conversions automatically, when installed).
  3. Protecting you from Click Fraud.
  4. Retargeting.
  5. Call reporting and feedback loop.

perfect ppc campaign results

"No other service provider has this model available to them, and that's why we chose Cloudburst Marketing." - Our Chicago Firm Partner

Your Reporting Dashboard

Available 24/7.

Allows fast feedback, amendments and improvements based on our shared view of performance

PPC reporting dashboard

What Does This Mean For You?

Your Benefits

  • Faster time from launch to client inquiries.
  • New client inquiries at lower cost.
  • Local market leadership.
  • Proactive goal oriented agency relationship.

Recap & Summary

  • You have a ton of competition in your area.
  • Current approaches are losing you potential clients.
  • A big-data driven approach can explode your pipeline.
  • It's proven, consistent and accountable.

Outline of Solution


  • Automatically optimized from the best of the whole market.
  • Real-time lead quality feedback.
  • Fraud prevention saving money
  • Inquiry optimized landing pages.
  • Shared dashboard for collaborative analysis.
  • Long-term strategic advantage in your market.

Do you see how we can provide you with the ultimate unfair advantage?

Next Steps

  1. Schedule On-Boarding Call.
  2. Account team appointed and intro call.
  3. Goals and priorities agreed.
  4. Campaign launched.
  5. Campaign update call.
  6. Monthly report and feedback call.
  7. Regular comms on goal achievement.
  8. 2.5 month review and quarterly plan.
90 day pi lead generation campaign

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