How To Market Directly To Your Website Visitors – After They Leave

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Let’s face facts here for a second – Business to consumer (B2C) companies like yours (and also B2B companies) invest hundreds of thousands and/or millions of dollars per year driving traffic to their website.

The problem is, about 95% of your website visitors don’t take any action or convert into a sale on the first visit.

Let’s say that again: most of your site visitors will not take any action on your site in the first visit – 93% of your traffic leaves without ever scrolling down the page.

So why spend so much money on driving traffic to your website if you’re just filling a leaky bucket?

In a shocking study that has been held for nearly 2 decades, researchers found less than 3% of individuals are in the market for any given product or service at any given time. Only 3% or less are ready to buy what’ you’re selling.

That means that you and your direct competitors are fighting hand over fist for the same 3% of the market, but you’re spending money like you’re fighting over the whole 100%. Make sense?

The people visiting your website represent some of that 3% and are some of the most valuable and profitable leads to your business today. They are actively in the market and also in your funnel.

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years as identity — the ability to recognize a customer on a 1:1 basis — has advanced. From an over-hyped marketing concept into a disruptive brand asset, this has permanently changed the way marketers generate leads and customers profitably.

Gone are the days of marketing to everyone the same way.

What is Cloudburst SiteVisitor?

A deterministic method of resolving the identity of your website visitors. Simply put, Cloudburst SiteVisitor knows who is visiting your website, along with all of their contact information, without the visitor sharing anything. This puts you in permanent control of your “first-party data.” It sounds simple, but the process is incredibly complex. Think of it this way…

What Cloudburst SiteVisitor Does

Cloudburst SiteVisitor creates a list of your website visitors that you own and control forever within your own private data-management platform. These are not cookies and therefore are not subject to expiration or the whims of targeting/ad platforms (AKA “Powerful Suppliers” – think Google & Facebook).

They are portable. You can use these lists to build marketing campaigns on all major online ad platforms, no matter where the visitor came from. This includes visitors from organic traffic, SEO, content marketing, online ad buys, affiliate traffic, cross-marketing, email campaigns or offline promotions. These lists can also be used in offline campaigns (see more on this below).

How We Do It
When a visitor lands on your website, our technology is able to match that visitor with information we have in our consumer identity graph consisting of over 250 million Americans.

Once the identities are matched, you then have ownership and control to market to those individuals on a permanent basis.

Cloudburst SiteVisitor will show you the individuals who’ve visited your website. They are in the market for what you sell. Capabilities include, but not limited to:

  • Identify who is on your website, what pages they visit, segment by demographics (i.e. credit, gender, age, income, etc)
  • Done for you multi-channel marketing automation platform to convert website visitors to buyers of your farm equipment
  • Send e-mails to individuals who visit your website
  • Send direct mail communication to an individual’s residence within 48 hours

WithCloudburst SiteVisitor, you will drive down client/customer acquisition costs. Cloudburst SiteVisitor lets you…

  • Resolve the identity of your website visitors without them having to share any information.
  • Collect and analyze the behavior of your website’s visitors pre- and post-click.
  • Use that insight to turn formerly anonymous website traffic into valuable First Party Data that you can leverage for yourself or sell to other non-competing companies.
  • Own this insight forever in the form of hash and device IDs, which allow for true cross-channel 1:1 marketing that happens on your terms.
  • Permanently eliminate the control powerful traffic suppliers (ex: Google/Facebook) have over your profits, since you now own the data they once controlled.
  • Open up opportunities for new lead generation that have never been available before, such as “Traffic Syphoning” — using content curation to build permanent targeting audiences that you own and control forever from content you didn’t create.
  • Gain total attribution & transparency of your ad budget.

Advantages that You’ll Experience withCloudburst SiteVisitor

  • The ability to create active buyer look-alike targeting lists using unlocked First Party Data that lower your CPC by 25% to 75%.
  • Convert your hard-earned SEO rank to a permanent and portable audience that is impervious to search engine index shakeups, and that can be used across all platforms.
  • Extend your marketing to additional platforms online and offline. You will open up new markets, new profit centers, and new sources for look-alike audiences at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.
  • The power to create laser-focused audiences that you can market to (and remarket to) by piggybacking on existing popular content and authority website traffic.
  • The ability to retarget across platforms without relying on siloed pixels or expired cookies.
  • The ability to retarget without an opt-in via…
    • Social Media Channels
    • Email
    • Direct Mail
    • Mobile
    • SMS Text
    • Radio
    • TV

Benefits You’ll Experience

These advantages then become a measurable way to increase profits. With Cloudburst SiteVisitor, you will have a sustainable competitive advantage because you will achieve a lower CPA than your rivals without changing any marketing collateral or messaging and experience totally NEW capabilities, giving you more touch points and more opportunities to profit.

As a result…

  • New marketing channels become available, bringing in more prospects and more sales.
  • Existing marketing channels produce sales at lower cost, meaning…
  • Increased revenue and higher profits

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