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Cloudburst Marketing is the #1 GMB SEO Service Since 2015 with Over 600 Successful Campaigns Worldwide. No Agency Has Our Experience or Historic Data.

Don’t Despair of Ranking in the 3 Pack – We Can Help You Get There

Over 50% of the 1st page GMB (Google MyBusiness) real estate is gone and now there are local search ads to worry about too! And When Citations Alone No Longer Rank Your Listings…You Need to Stop Shooting in the Dark, You Need Proven GMB Optimization Services designed to increase your business’ online visibility, build your brand prominence and increase your inbound leads, sales and revenue. So what are the signals that really matter? Citations? Clean-Up? Links? Reviews? Geo-Tags? We Optimize the Local Ranking Factors that Matter. Local Maps is highly-prized Page 1 real estate and it’s about time you treat it as such.

Drizzle (Low Competition Markets)

799 per month
  • Complete Listing Optimization
  • GMB Photos and Posts
  • Citations and Branded Accounts
  • G+ Photos and Articles
  • Press Release and My Map (Now w/ Data Aggregators)
  • Essential Citations
  • BONUS: and 25 More Brand Accounts

Downpour (Medium Competition Markets)

1495 per month
  • All Drizzle tasks
  • GPS Listings and More Citations
  • Authority Brand Network
  • Apple Maps and Bing Set-Up
  • Rich Media and My Map Citations
  • Google Sites Authority Stack
  • Places Map Embeds
  • DAS Tiers

Thunderstorm (High Competition Markets)

2495 per month
  • All Downpour tasks
  • GMB Site Creation
  • More Secondary Citations
  • Geo-Networks
  • Niche Networks
  • Local On-Page Optimization
  • Store Locator, Map Embed, JSON Schema

Still Not Convinced?

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Our GMB Ranking service is a compilation of tested and tried tactics that will protect your site from Google updates. Cloudburst Marketing has combined all the best SEO tactics that the team at Cloudburst Marketing has tested and proven that it works.

You can now sleep soundly knowing that you and your valuable online assets are protected by the Cloudburst GMB team. Google will never be able to ruin all of the work you’ve done, thanks to Jordan and the amazing team at Cloudburst Marketing!

Google is always updating its search algorithm to keep up with the latest trends and techniques on how people interact online. This can be stressful for Business Owners, who don’t have a system in place that will automatically adjust their sites so they are still findable despite these changes.

Are you tired of putting all your hard work into building websites only to get hit by one Google update after another? Whether it’s Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, or Possum – would you love to protect yourself against future updates coming from Google without having any kind of worry at all about what might happen next?

Foundational SEO

✅ Check & Set Up Google Analytics
✅ Check & Set Up Google Search Console(GSC)
✅ Check & Install an SEO Solution for Your Website
✅ Set Up Uptime Monitoring
✅ Check for About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and TOS Pages
✅ Set-Up Keyword Rank Tracking

User Experience
✅ Check for Pretty Permalinks
✅ Check the Site is Mobile Friendly
✅ Check the Site Loads Fast
✅ Keep URLs Short
✅ Check and Optimize Your 404 Page
✅ Make it Easy to Share Your Content

✅ Use a Top-Performing Web Host
✅ Check The Server is Located Close to Your Service Area
✅ Use a CDN
✅ Check for GZIP Compression
✅ Check for HTTP/2
✅ Use a Caching Solution
✅ Minify JS/CSS Files
✅ Resize Large Images at Upload
✅ Compress and Optimize Images
✅ Lazy Load Images & Iframes(YouTube embeds, etc)
✅ Update Technology
✅ Optimize Database

Technical SEO
✅ Check for HTTPS
✅ Check for One Single www Version
✅ Fix mixed content
✅ Create a Sitemap & Add it to Google Search Console(GSC)
✅ Create a robots.txt File
✅ Check that URLs have redirects to / or the canonical is set to /
✅ Check and Fix Broken Links
✅ Check and Fix Redirect Chains
✅ Fix Missing and Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions
✅ Use Redirects Properly
✅ Check for Index Coverage Issues
✅ Check for Manual Penalties
✅ Keep Pages at Maximum 3 Clicks from Reach
✅ Use “noindex” and “nofollow” Tags Properly
✅ Disable Irrelevant Pages from Being Indexed

✅ Have a Solid SEO Content Strategy
✅ Do Keyword Research
✅ Create Long-Form Content
✅ Create 10x Content
✅ Identify & Fix Keyword Cannibalization
✅ Identify and Fix Duplicate Content
✅ Create Content Hubs
✅ “Feed” the Hubs with Supporting Content
✅ Update Content on a Regular Basis
✅ Add Content to Your Categories
✅ Build Up E-A-T


Local SEO
✅ Have a Solid Link Building Strategy
✅ Build Foundational Links
✅ Start Tier Citations
✅ Optimize your Google My Business Listing
✅ Optimize GMB Listings
✅ Check for Site-wide NAP Details
✅ Latitude and Longitude on all images on the website
✅ Have Consistent NAP Details Across the Site
✅ Advanced Schema
✅ Location Pages
✅ Cloud Stacks
✅ GMB Photos 10 per month
✅ GMB optimized Q&A 10 per month
✅ 4 Blog posts per month with Deep Links
✅ Quantum Newswire 2000 words minimum (we can do more than 1 Blog per month and also suggest it as it helps tremendously with SEO efforts. If more than one each additional is $100
✅ Backlinks towards the Quantum Newswire Articles
✅ Google Business My Business Posts 5 Days per Week
✅ Niche Relevant Backlinks
✅ Review Responded to with Keywords in response
✅ CTR Manipulation
✅ YouTube Channel Setup and Optimized for YouTube Videos for Each Blog
✅ Signal Genesys Press Release Media Room
✅ Signal Genesys Social Media Media Room

Proof is in
the rankings.


Cloudburst Marketing owner Jordan Stambaugh provides the absolutely highest quality marketing services and support for my website and everything that goes along with that, including social media, content and SEO. Cloudburst Marketing has implemented their strategies quickly and w/o any interruptions to my website and ongoing service. Also, their design recommendations have been top-notch - I now feel that our website and brand look and feel more professional and contemporary since we installed their design updates, while still in keeping with our brand integrity. I highly recommend Cloudburst Marketing!

~ Beth Sigall, Eastside Edu