We’re using smart technology

and Big Data to generate the best leads at the lowest cost possible.

Our technology based ad marketing revolutionizes the bottom line of our attorney partners.

Our Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

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Leveraging Technology

We generate leads using our proprietary software developed in-house. This allows us to generate the best leads at the lowest cost possible.

Increase Closing Ratio

We include a staff on-boarding training that will increase your law firm’s closing ratio. By generating more leads and closing more cases, we have doubled and even tripled the income of our attorney partners.

Focus On Winnable Cases

Our Nurse Consultants can provide expert, comprehensive medical record reviews with any personal injury case that helps you avoid committing time on claims that lack merit and maximize your profits by focusing on winnable cases.

Close Partnership

We’re not a one-size-fits-all agency. But when we find a suitable partner, we dominate the market for them and focus on a close, and long term partnership.

Consistent & Predictable
ROI - Every Month.

We’re different than most pay per click agencies. We partner with only one law firm per city, which allows us to absolutely dominate the marketplace. We never bite off more than we can chew. Other PPC agencies build cookie-cutter templated campaigns for their clients, press the start button and hope for the best. We tailor each campaign for our partners, which generates massive return on investment – typically 8x – 10x ROI – something we’re very proud of. Take a look at this email – Real results for one of our clients after one month of PPC. 78 new cases generated that month with a cost of $897 per case. How much is a new personal injury case worth to you? Fill out the form to watch the video case study.

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