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At Cloudburst Marketing, we are pleased to offer services that allow plumbers to have authentic and valuable leads through our Pay Per Lead services. We have plumbers all over the USA, who have been using our PPL services, which come with a number of benefits. Through this service, the contractors will only pay for leads that have been exclusively generated. This is cheaper than the options of having to pay the monthly fees, at a flat rate.

Ultimately, with this plan, all local plumbers are protected and get true value for their money. You will not be forced to pay for services that do not bear any results as with the conventional monthly options. With the other traditional methods, plumbers are subjected to pay for the process of getting leads and not the actual leads. Sadly, most of these contractors are not informed and as such, they end up being exploited by marketing companies.

We have come to change this and you will pay for real results, which is a positive ROI and a great way to grow your business. Call (360) 383-5559 today and start getting exclusive plumbing leads today!

Why Plumbing Contractors Need to Use PPL

As experienced digital marketers, we have come across so many plumbers who are frustrated and disappointed. This is dues to the fact that they have been asked to run several campaigns in the past, which did not generate the expected results. A number of internet marketing companies take advantage of unsuspecting plumbers and keep charging them for the process that does not have any results. At the end of it all, this ends up being a loss of money for the plumbers and a waste of time.

This can threaten the existence of the company and this is why PPL is the way to go. Some of the great benefits of this marketing style include:

Great Flexibility: You are not bound by any contracts with fixed payments. You pay for the leads only and you can stop at any time.

Positive ROI: This is a great investment, with an assured positive return on investment as you will only pay for leads generated and not the process.

Risk-free: There is no risk of losing money on campaigns that do not bear results.

Disadvantages of PPL

Presently, there is no downside of PPL that have been established, since it is still a relatively new concept and is perfect for startups. There are contractors who still opt for the monthly plans, with fixed rates, which we still offer. Plumbers that have consistent leads flowing do not necessarily need to pay per lead but the ones without any leads will find PPL to be perfect. If you have a small business that is at the brink of collapsing due to a lack of sales, you should consider this option. Talk to us and let us help you get exclusive leads coming your way.

Shared Leads VS. Exclusive Leads – What’s the Difference?

Most online marketing companies will offer shared leads. This is not a bad thing as it is a great way to get a fair share of consumers who are interested in plumbing services. However, this information is shared with several contractors and you will have to compete with other plumbers for the same leads. With our PPL plan, the leads that we generate are exclusive and there will be no need to fight over it. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Exclusive leads: These are types of leads that generate exclusively for one contractor. As such, you can close the deal without any battle with your competitors. Shared leads: In this case, a single lead is given to several plumbers and as such, the contractors have to battle it out to close the deal.

There are some contractors who have been using leads for a while and these can easily tell what quality of leads they are getting. Shared leads, in most cases, tend to be of poor quality and this is why they are easy to generate. However, exclusive leads are of great value and this is what they are always in demand. We are pleased to offer our clients exclusive leads and this is a great way to grow your business.

Lead Generation for Plumbers

We believe that you are a potential customer and one of the questions you may be having is how this process works. This is a good question and we are a company that operates with integrity and love transparency. We always strive to make sure that our clients understand the process. Ideally, we will use the same process as with the traditional lead generation with monthly plans. The main difference is that we do not charge you for the process as you will only pay for the leads that have been generated.

  • Our process includes a number of services like:
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (Google Ads)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design

All these are services that we will carry out free of charge. By the end of the process, we are sure that we will generate quality leads. In the unlikely event that we do not get the desired results, there will be no loss on your part. As a matter of fact, we would be the ones to make losses. The processes that we have stated above all-inclusive, which means our website design takes care of desktop and mobile designs and our SEO services are for both off-site and on-page SEO. We are committed to ensuring that your plumbing business thrives.

What is an Authentic Lead?

The internet is flooded with all manner of companies offering leads. However, not all leads will count and some end up being too costly. We are reputable experts and we screen all the leads so as to ascertain that it is from our efforts. We assure you that you will never get leads from unrelated sources.

Good leads have the following traits:

Intent: The callers will state their intent, which related to plumbing services

Source: You will know the source of the caller like social media, Google, Bing, etc.

Our screening team of experts is made up of human beings, who will screen each call. The main consideration is to understand the intent and the source of the caller. We have stringent measures to verify calls. Our objective is to provide leads that are of high value and useful to your business.

We are a company that you can fully trust with lead generation services.

Trustworthy Lead Generation Experts

When searching for leads to buy, for your plumbing business, you will come across different types of internet marketing companies. There are those that are not authentic and will offer some shady deals. Look at our site and determine if we are the company that you would wish to partner with. We have a website that is designed in a professional manner and loaded with high-quality content. Our in-house writers are talented and we assure you that everything you are seeing on this site will be featured on your website. The good news is that you will only pay for our services if they generate leads.

Cloudburst Marketing is a company that is committed to offering quality and exclusive leads through our PPL model. We are confident in our services and have seen a good number of plumbing contractors succeed through our services. We welcome you to sign up for our services, without having to make any down payment.

Are you searching for affordable plumbing leads that will be exclusive to your business? PPL is the best option and we are committed to helping you. Get in touch with us and we will give the exclusive plumbing leads. Call (360) 383-5559 and get started today with our pay per lead services.

Jordan took us from doing $20k/mo to over $60k/mo in just 2 months time with his lead generation system.

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