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Jordan Stambaugh founded Cloudburst Marketing based on the dramatic shift happening in the market: the death of traditional marketing. He saw that old marketing methods (and even some newer methods) were no longer producing an ROI for businesses.

Fast forward to today, and Cloudburst Marketing has been positioned not only as a marketing company but a technology company. Jordan saw the pitfalls of traditional advertising and even the wastefulness that other marketing firms still employ. It was written into the ethos of Cloudburst Marketing that there would be a constant reevaluation of the best possible route forward towards Results-Based Marketing.

Jordan’s insights into digital marketing, lead generation, SEO & technology has led to a blended, multi-channel approach that utilizes all of the best technology and strategy for marketing today.

Cloudburst SiteVisitor & People-Based Marketing has led the path to success for all of our clients.

If you’re wondering:

  • “How can I get more clients and customers online?”
  • “How can I persuade my website visitors to actually call me?”
  • “How can I utilize my marketing budget in the best way possible?”
  • “How can I leverage local online directories, social media, search engines, paid advertising to grow my business?”

We should talk. We’ve helped businesses get off the ground, hit dream revenue goals and automate the growth of their businesses.

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We have spent the last 10 years creating the most effective SEO and Lead Generation system available on the market today. At Cloudburst Marketing, we understand your struggles and want to help your business grow exponentially.

We are personally invested in each client that we work with, and our goal is to develop long-term relationships with every business partner. Give us a call today so we can discuss a strategy for taking your business to the next level together.

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