8 Top Law Firm Marketing Ideas for Personal Injury Lawyers

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You have a great law firm and you want to get the word out. But how do you do it?

Traditional marketing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Instead, you want good, reliable, trackable results.

What marketing methods are most effective? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

We’ve compiled a list of useful marketing tips to help you get the most out of your law firm. Keep reading for eight law firm marketing ideas that will get your name out there.

1. Hire a Professional Lead Generator

Lead generation is essential for effective marketing. Luckily, there are people who specialize in doing just that. Save yourself a bunch of hassle by hiring a team to do your lead generation for you.

Why should you hire someone to do it? Because they’re experts. They’ll do the work and you’ll have more time to focus on other things, like your clients.

Using a lead generation company relieves you of the need for traditional, less effective marketing tools like cold calling.

Instead, you’ll be given leads that are exactly what you’ve been looking for–people who’re interested in your services.

2. Track Your Leads

Even if you hire a lead generator, you may come up with some leads of your own. Whenever you do, don’t let those leads fall between the cracks.

Your personal injury marketing may not always pay off, but don’t discard those people who’ve turned you down. There’s always a possibility they’ll need you in the future.

For this reason, you should keep track of every lead you get, unless they tell you to not contact them again. Don’t harass anyone, but keep contact info for anyone who seems like they could be contacted again at a later date.

3. Choose a Marketing Agency that will Focus on You

When using a marketing agency, make sure they’re willing to focus on your law firm. You want someone who’s focused on doing their best work for you, not someone else. Don’t go with someone who’s spread too thin.

Seek out an agency that will provide you with campaigns specifically tailored to you. Campaigns designed to help everyone won’t do you much good.

You want marketers who are focused on bringing business to you. Choose an agency that will focus on you, not you as well as local competitors.

4. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising can be highly effective. Make sure it’s part of your marketing strategy.

How does this type of marketing work? You’ll get the word out to potential new clients via online ads. The great thing is, you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on an ad.

Due to this setup, Pay-Per-Click is a money-efficient, as well as a successful method of marketing.

5. Have a Killer Website

How’s your website these days? If it needs sprucing up, get to it! Great user experience is one way to bring in more clients.

If web design isn’t a strong point for you, go ahead and hire a design specialist. Getting one that specializes in web design for law firms is even better.

Every element of your site needs to be easy to use. Appointment booking, maps, and information on your firm should all be available and well designed.

Make your website as user-friendly as possible and you may have clients recommending your site to others.

6. Use SEO Strategies

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to get noticed online. You may have a great website, but that won’t matter if nobody sees it.

You want to be the first option people see when they’re looking for a personal injury attorney. SEO helps with that.

Make sure you show up at the top of internet search results by using SEO!

7. Go Mobile

Have you tried marketing via mobile devices? If not, it’s time to start. Begin by making your website mobile-friendly.

Any website can be pulled up on a mobile device. But it’s obvious when a company has taken the time to optimize their site for mobile.

People will appreciate the ability to access your site on the go. And it’s pretty much expected these days, so don’t disappoint.

8. Get Involved Locally

Many people prefer a local attorney, so let the locals know you’re there to help. Do so by getting involved in your community.

Does your community have a service project coming up? Get out and help. Better yet, get your whole office involved.

Openly support local good causes. Doing so will associate your firm with good things.

Don’t forget to highlight your community involvement on your website. That way, people who didn’t see you in person will still know you’re involved.

Consider hosting a local event to really get your name out there! You can raise awareness for the work you do while you’re at it.

Law Firm Marketing Ideas: Try These Today!

There are many law firm marketing ideas for you to try out. Some will work better for you than others, and that’s just fine. Try these ideas and see how they work for you.

Consider the communities you serve and what’s important to them. Then reach out, share how you can help, and let them know you care.

Having a strategy is key. Don’t randomly throw your name out there. Think about how to do it, then spread your name and services in a positive, appealing way.

Make sure your website is doing all it can for you. How can you know if it is? Find out with our free website audit.

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