6 of the Best Personal Injury Lead Generation Tools for Lawyers

Trying to get more personal injury clients for your practice?

Ready to learn about the best personal injury lead generation tips?

While you may have plenty of expertise for winning personal injury cases it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have clients to work for. Marketing your services and getting new clients can be hard work, so it’s important that you know the best tips for getting new clients and leads.

Below we’ll look at the best lead generation tools and techniques for personal injury lawyers.

1. Networking and Medical Relationships

One of the greatest tools you have at your disposal for getting new clients is networking. Your current relationships are one of the best assets you have that you can use to get great leads.

Make sure you’re using every relationship you have to find new clients. That may include family and friends but it also should include any industry contacts you have.

It can also be particularly helpful to cultivate relationships with chiropractors and other medical and healthcare professionals. When people seek help medical help for their injuries they may need recommendations for lawyers.

If you can build a relationship with medical professionals chances are that they can refer new clients to you from time to time if they come across someone in need of a good lawyer.

2. Local Bar Associations

Local bar associations can also be a great tool in your search for new personal injury clients. When you sign up for the state bar or a local bar association you’ll get a lot of new resources and support at your disposal. You can often get new clients as a result as well.

Bar associations do their own advertising and if you’ve signed up to work with them you can likely benefit from your relationship with them.

In addition to a state bar association remember that there are bar associations for cities and for special specific purposes as well.

Keep in mind that many of these organizations will have networking events. If you build good relationships with other some other lawyers they may be able to refer clients to you if they’re too busy to take on new clients.

3. Internet Directories

Internet directories can also be a help for allowing more potential clients to find you online. While there are numerous directories on the internet in which people can find local businesses and services you’ll want to choose wisely.

Pick a few that are the most relevant ones for you.

Website directories like Findlaw.com are meant just for legal professionals and many people may turn to these sites in order to find a personal injury lawyer.

Local directories such as Yelp could be helpful as well for helping people to find your services.

While not everyone will refer to these directories when looking for help with their case it’s very possible you’ll get some interest in your services as a result of signing up for a few of these.

4. Online Reputation Management

Building and maintaining your online reputation is very important in this day and age. Online word-of-mouth can be very effective in getting you new clients and encouraging people who are on the fence to give you a call.

People often review services online on websites such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google. You need to find out where your practice stands online. If there are any negative reviews online for your services you need to work to repair the damage.

On the other hand, you should work to make sure you have plenty of positive glowing reviews and testimonials online as well. Providing great services will help you to naturally get great reviews online.

However, you should also encourage any clients who were satisfied with your services to review your services online or to give you a testimonial for your website.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site is also a big tool that you have for getting more leads for your practice. SEO consists of improving your website and making sure that it’s optimized for getting more search traffic. It will help ensure that Google will send you plenty of visitors from web searches.

SEO includes many things but usually means optimizing the speed of your site, making sure it works well on mobile devices and adding the right keywords to the site. It should also include adding a blog to your website and updating it regularly with valuable and informative content.

If done right, SEO can be a good way to get plenty of new personal injury leads to your website, although it does take some time to see results.

6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click advertising (PPC) and SEO are very similar but they do have some key differences. With PPC advertising you’ll also be utilizing search traffic to get people to your site. PPC, however, can work much more quickly to get potential personal injury leads.

Yet, it can still offer a great ROI if done right.

SEO, on the other hand, requires more work and time to get right. It can take a lot of effort to get your site optimized and to create content and blog posts.

Additionally, while it can be difficult to get to the first place of search results using only SEO, PPC ads can work much more quickly. You’ll be able to pay for your ad to get to the top of searches immediately.

PPC ads can also be highly targeted, meaning you’ll get only the most relevant search traffic back to your website.

Making the Most of These Personal Injury Lead Generation Tools

Personal injury lead generation doesn’t have to be a huge headache, but it will take some work to get new clients. Remember to use the strategies and tools above if you want to have a great chance of getting new clients as soon as possible.

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